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By James Massoud on 27 Sep 2013

The Union Chapel is a charming little venue. Adam Buxton is a charming little entertainer. The two together makes for a charming little evening out. Bounding out onto the stage to greet the assembled crowd in the Chapel’s pews, Buxton engages with the spectators right from the get-go, winning them over by lavishing them with jewellery, albeit candied jewellery which he was supplied as part of his rider.

Welcoming the atheists into God’s home and admitting to a sore threat, which he reckons came about from his mild blasphemy, the subject of illness later crops back up in a hilarious story involving Buxton’s experience with the NHS. As one half of comedy duo Adam and Joe, Buxton’s humour is strengthened when supported. In Kernel Panic, the co-star in the live show is Buxton’s laptop. Or rather, the content within his laptop that’s projected for all to see – an external projection of what runs through the comedian’s mind.

Buxton has hit upon a niche with his comedy, relevant to the digital age we are currently living in. Yet, many of his gags are – by his own admission – regurgitated from his TV show, BUG. After all, if it ain’t broke… hence the show is beefed up with plenty of amusing YouTube comments on various music videos from a wide range of artists including David Bowie, Brian Eno and Miley Cyrus, each of which is comically delivered by Buxton in an oesophagus of accents and voices.

It’s random. It’s quirky. It’s fun and it’s delightfully photo-shopped. ‘Kernel Panic’ wuzza, wuzza, wuzza top night.

Adam Buxton: Kernel Panic returns for two more shows, 11th October at The Corn Exchange, Brighton and 12th October back at the Union Chapel, London. Tickets are available from the Invisible Dot site:

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