The London List Party Review: Launch At The Old Blue Last, 12/05/11The London List

By Sam Bathe on 13 May 2011

When Vice throw a party, they want you to think it’s going to be the coolest thing in the world. They’re often free in, and instead you have to apply for and win tickets, though their website, or if you’re part of their blogging network (as we are), bribe you with entry in return for free publicity.

For their launch event, we were teased with the mere chance of getting our hands on a couple of must-have tickets (not even a guarantee, just another spot in the raffle), if we previewed the event on our blog, or promised a write-up in the aftermath. And then barely five minutes later, another PR company for Noisey got in touch, offering us a couple of spots, plus extra for us to give away too. It somewhat notched down Vice’s attempted to big-up the bash.

So anyway, we went, and it was actually quite fun, though almost entirely down to openers Bo Ningen, and a handful of free drinks tokens.

Taking to the stage in a flurry of Japanese, which unsurprisingly flew straight over the audience’s head, the four-piece noise merchants are a little like Yuck, with the fuzz and wall of sound of Weekend. Though their first track sounded suspicious like they were just flailing around on their guitars with no particular order, as the band got into the real track, and the melodic riffs filtered through, they were actually quite compelling.

If you were asked to picture an indie-rock band, you’d come close to envisioning The Vaccines. They wear the right clothes, they have the right look, they play short, snappy, simplistic guitar songs, with heavy riffs and a scowling singer over the top. They are, however, one of the better ‘landfill indie’ bands around, even if it’s a hollow crown. Remarkably influenced by The Libertines, with the edge of The Cribs thrown in the fun, or just an un-moany Glasvegas, The Vaccines raced through hits of debut album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, done before you knew it, and fairly entertaining in part.

Giggs was the apparent, and a little out of place, headliner. The rapper, much-hyped last year but who seems to have done nothing since, packed a remarkable entourage on-stage, all of whom apparently employed to stand still, sway their heads, or hold Calvin Klein-esque underwear poses, put on a sterling show that even non-fans of hip-hop enjoyed. Jumping along to his big hits, something about a ‘monster’, it was a good end to the night, and another Vice party that didn’t disappoint, although that was to our expected standards, not the implied hype.

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